Changelog for Online Update no. 17

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 09.12.2019

  1. Update to patch level 17
  2. Application styles
    are not loaded when opening a link from the results list of the portal-wide search (such as for the Grid element)
  3. Chart
    The Export button was displaced in the browser
  4. Document generation / FileWalker
    PDFs do not open correctly in Chrome
  5. Calendar
    Date and time selected in the calendar are not transferred to the "From" and "To" fields on mobile pages
  6. Chart
    Special characters in the value for "Rows" cause errors
  7. Chart
    Ignores fixed specification of colors
  8. Duplication comparison
    Missing permissions check in results.vm
  9. Portal properties / Regional settings / Language
    Sorting of portal languages is not alphabetical / is not saved
  10. Alpha-index filter
    If the filter is integrated into a view table as a dependency, the destination option "Reload window" sets the alpha-index filter in the new window to "0" instead of to "false"