Multiple selection properties - General tab

Applications module Multiple selection element Properties

Title / Title from constants

All information regarding this topic can be found here.

Heading for 'non-selected entries' / Heading for 'selected entries'

The titles for both lists in the Multiple selection element can be defined here. A constant can be used here as well.

Input required

If Input required is specified, the multiple selection will be a mandatory field.

Invalid entries

Display stored values

If values from a multiple selection can be written to a data field, it is possible, e.g. through the export or import of an application, that the values are no longer valid. If Display stored values is selected, these invalid stored values will be displayed instead of the current configured display values.

Delete when saving

If this option is selected, invalid values will be deleted from data fields in the current data record.

Search options

Initial search expression

This search expression will be automatically entered in the search field and will filter the Available list when the corresponding page is loaded. The maximum number of entries will be shown, if the character * is entered in the search field.

No search entry displays all entries

When this setting is activated, all results will be shown if the search field is empty.