Multilingual titles

Static titles

In most modules, you will find the globe symbol in the properties of elements. When you're editing the menu structure, you'll find this symbol in the properties of menu points.

Click on Multiple languages to open a dialog in which a static title can be entered for each of the implemented portal languages.

In the browser, the text will be used that corresponds to the language currently selected by the user.

Title from constants

Global language constants are defined in the portal's properties. These constants can also be used for the titles of certain elements.

If you click on the arrow next to the globe symbol, you can specify that a language constant should be used as the title.

Multilingual data sets

So that data sets are displayed in the correct language, the two figure ISO 639 language code (e.g. de for German, en for English) must be entered when a data set is added.

In the modules Applications, Design and Processes, you can search for Elements without titles in one of the portal languages.

Elements in the module Applications

The language, which should be used for displaying the titles of elements in the Applications module can be selected from the symbol bar by using the globe symbol. The setting Default language of the portal, will display all titles in the default portal language.