Applications module

The Applications module provides you with a user-friendly environment for developing portal applications – knowing a programming language is not a requirement. All Intrexx applications are based completely on XML, which can be converted into an output format of your choice via an XSL transformation. The structure of an application will be graphically displayed here. This allows you to have the hierarchy of pages and data groups in view at all times. Data will be administrated in data groups and saved to the portal database with the Intrexx business logic. Edit and view elements can be placed on each page of an application via drag & drop. In edit elements, data will be entered from the browser and, with the help of a button action, saved to a connected data field. View elements that are connected to a data field will display the values saved within that field. Application elements can be moved from the area Elements to the workspace of the Applications module easily with the mouse. A wizard will help you to select the appropriate control and data types and will lead you through the configuration of their properties. The properties of an element will be defined in the Properties dialog, which you can reach at any time via the context menu. The properties dialog may also be opened by double-clicking on the element. If you open the Applications module from the module bar in the Intrexx Portal Manager, the Application Manager will open, in which a template for a new application can be selected and all existing portal applications can be administrated.