Intrexx Share 2.1 - Profile

To get started in Intrexx Share, we recommend editing your profile. Click on the placeholder for your profile picture in the Navigation bar.

Then click Edit profile.

1. Important information

The Important information includes, among others, your business contact details and is therefore particularly relevant for speedy communication. This is always displayed at the top of the column. The sections Personal information, Job & Qualifications, Arts & entertainment and Sports, can, however, be rearranged using drag & drop.

Click on Edit important information.

You can enter the following information here: Predefined Lists, where you can, for example, select a department or location, can be found by clicking on Search. The changes are saved clicking on Save.

The Edit profile symbol will appear blue until all of the fields of the Important information have been completed. Once the information is complete, the symbol is gray.

The Important information on your personal page can be seen by all Intrexx Share users.

2. Personal information

You can enter the following information here: Click on Edit personal information.

Enter you data and then click on Save.

Depending on the privacy settings on your personal page, the Personal information can be seen by other Intrexx Share users.

3. Job & Qualifications

In this section you can record the Languages that you know. You can also briefly describe your Career, and include specific Skills as keywords. Click on Add language to add an additional language.

Then click on Save. If you don't want the language to be shown on your profile page, it can be removed with a simple click.

Your skills can also be edited in the same way. Predefined Lists can be found by clicking on Search. Your Career can be entered as free text. If you'd like to remove this entry, simply delete the free text from the edit page.

The information about Job & Qualifications on your personal page can be viewed by all Intrexx Share users.

4. Arts & Entertainment, Sport

In the Arts & Entertainment section you can give your colleagues an impression of your interests in the fields of Music, Books, Movies, (TV) Series, Sports and your Favorite teams. New entries can be added, edited and removed in the same way descirbed in Jobs & Qualifications.

The information about Arts & Entertainment and Sporton your personal page can be viewed by all Intrexx Share users.

5. Settings

The settings can be edited next to the profile photo by clicking on Settings.

Personal settings

The following settings can be made here: In each case, define who can perform these actions:

How should the posts be sorted?

Here, you can define the sort order of the posts in the News module: With every post you will find a positioning date that determines the position of the post in the list. Posts that you write directly in Intrexx Share are given the creation date as their positioning date. Therefore, for these posts, the one that was created most recently will appear at the top. For posts that are created by apps, the date to be used as the positioning date, and by which positioning the post will be listed, can be specified in the configuration of the corresponding plugins. For example, the creation date of the post, a fixed date, or a relative time value, can be used for the positioning in the list.

Days until notifications are removed

In the lower part of the form you can specify when notifications that have been marked as read, should be removed from the list of all notifications that you have received.

Share view: Hide module titles in the navigation bar

The module titles will no longer be shown with this setting.

Share view: Activate round icons

With this setting, images in different places, e.g. profile or group images, will no longer be shown as squares, but round instead.

Share view: Don't summarize Share, Remind me, Important, Urgent, Read confirmation and Favorites in actions

In the posts in the News moduke, the actions Share, Remind me, Important, Urgent, Read confirmation and Favorites are summarized for space reasons. If this setting is activated, all Actions will always be shown underneath the posts..

Share view: Number of visible comments

Here, the number of visible comments in the News module can be defined. If the number of comments exceeds this number, a link will be shown with which the older, hidden posts can be shown.

Share view: Left / Right column width

The width of the two columns on the right and left in Intrexx Share can be adjusted here.

6. Email settings

Email settings (complete)

With this setting, you will receive a notification about all actions in Intrexx Share. The notification email is sent to the email address from your personal profile.

Email settings (individual)

Individual settings can be made for the following areas in Intrexx Shre here: Click on the link to the left of the area, which you'd like to configure, to show/edit the individual settings.

The following intervals can be selected for each option: The setting Mail for new posts under Personal page only applies to posts on your personal page. The other settings also apply to the personal pages of other Intrexx Share users. The setting Mail for new notifications under Workflow means that you'll receive an email notification when a process in the portal is configured in such a way, that it sends a notification to you regarding a post. Click on Save to apply your settings.

7. Deactivate / Delete profile

Via the Delete/deactivate profile symbol, next to the profile photo, information will be displayed which explains the effects of deleting or deactivating a profile.

Deactivate profile

A profile can be deactivated when, for example, you will be unavailable for an extended period of time. When a profile is deactivated, all data such as: is retained. If your own profile is deactivated, a window will be displayed next time you access Intrexx Share, from which the profile can be reactivated. Other users cannot create feeds on the personal page of a deactivated user, and cannot poke him/her. A profile can only be deactivated when all group moderations have been transferred to other users.

Delete profile

A profile can only be deleted if a user is no longer availble on a permanent basis, e.g. when they leave the company. It can only be deleted when all group moderations have been transferred to other users. The following data is deleted: Posts created by the profile owner in groups or events will be made anonymous and are no longer affiliated with the respective profile. Files in the Filebox are also made anonyous, but are kept nonetheless. If the profile owner is/was the only participant of an event, then the event will be deleted. This also includes all comments made by the profile owner. A profile can only be deleted if the user is no longer a group moderator. An Intrexx Share administrator can only delete their profile once they've been removed from the group of administrators. Intrexx Share provides you with the ability to restore the profile within 24 hours. After the 24 hours expires, the profile is deleted permanently. The profile can now no longer be reactivated and must be, if necessary, recreated.

8. Edit profile image

You can change the profile image by clicking on Edit profile image. Save the changes by clicking on Apply.