Intrexx Share 2.1 - News

The entry point into Intrexx Share is the News module. All information is gathered together on this page.

1. Create post

Your message

You can enter text, or a web link to a photo or video. If a link is recognized as the URL of a video from youtube, myvideo, vimeo or dailymotion, the corresponding video will automatically be displayed in the post. Other file extensions, where the video or image will be displayed directly, are swf, mkv, mov, mp4, ogg, oga, ogv, ogx, webm, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, url and js. A post can also be created on the personal page of a contact. To find out how to use smilies and links to profiles in a post, click here.

Add file

A file can also be integrated into the post. Select the Add file option and select the file to be uploaded. In the post, the symbol for the corresponding file extension and the file name will be displayed. The file can be opened or saved by clicking on the file name.

Click on Share to publish your post.

2. More...

On the More... tab, you can reach the edit page of subscribed or predefined apps. You can search for a specific app in the search field.

3. Recipients

A post can be sent to various different groups of recipients. You can select from the following options under Visible to: If required, the buttons Everyone, Contacts, Private and Custom can be hidden for all Intrexx Share users in the Administration settings. If a post is created for a custom recipient group, the desired recipients must be selected.

You can search for the names of recipients in the search field. By double-clicking on a user, or via the button Select marked entries, you can move a user to the Selected list. Accordingly, selected users can be removed from the recipients with the button Deselect marked entries. You can select multiple users before pressing one of the two arrow buttons. The filter buttons:

Share users
Distribution lists
Organizational units and

allow you to specify the users available for selection more precisely. The filters act as positive lists – i.e. if no filter is active, then no data will be displayed. The number of selected recipients is shown at the top-right of the Selected list.

If you, as the sender, have been blocked from sending messages by a certain user, the new post will not be visible to them.

4. Read confirmation

When creating a post, you can request a read confirmation. To be able to do this, one of the Intrexx Share administrators must have added you to the list of authorized users. In your post, you can then select the option to allow readers to submit their confirmation.

You'll see the total number of confirmed readers in the post.

5. Actions

You'll find the various actions which you can use for a post underneath it.

For each post, you can see the total number of users who have clicked on the Like action.

6. Action: Like

Click on I like this to show your appreciation for a post. If you click on You and x people like this post, you can see a list with the profile pictures of the users who have also liked the post.

Profile information will be shown when you move the mouse over the profile picture.

If you click on the photo of the user, you will switch to their personal page.

7. Show more actions

By clicking on Actions, buttons for additional actions will be shown until you click on the Actions button once more.

8. Action: Share

With this action, a copy of the post is generated. By using the Share function, important information can be distributed quickly.

Please note that the existing permissions of a post that comes from an application remain unchanged. If there are users in the recipient group, who do not have the appropriate permissions, they will not be able to see this shared post.

When you click on Share, a new area will open.

A post can be shared with a:

Share to my personal page

This setting is the default. The post will be treated as if you had created it on your personal page yourself. Before you click on Share and therefore share the post, you have the chance to determine the recipients. By clicking on the corresponding links, the post can be marked as important and / or urgent. Before sending, you can also add a comment to the post.

Share to another Intrexx Share user's personal page

With this setting, an additional list will be shown from which you can select the desired user.

Share to a group

To do that, click on Share to a group.

In the drop-down list you can easily select the group with which you wish to share the post. You can select from groups that you moderate, or those where you are a member. After you have confirmed the sharing by clicking on Share, the selected group receives the shared post.

Share to an event

To do that, click on Share to an event.

Select the event, where you wish to share the post. You can select from events that you have organized, or to those which you have answered with Maybe or Yes.

Overview for shared posts

In a post which was generated by a Share, the top area of the post will provide information as to who shared the original post.

You can see how often a post has been shared with other users at the bottom right.

By clicking on View information about previous shares, a list of profile images, just like the Like action, of the users who have shared the post will be shown.

If you have shared the post, your shares will be shown separately. At the bottom you'll see to which personal pages, groups or events you have shared the post, with which visibility and when the share took place. This additional information is only shown for your own share. For the purposes of privacy, you are not shown this information for shares made by other users.

9. Action: Important

If you'd like to accentuate a post, you can do this by clicking Important.

When you click on the action, the button will be filled with color. The importance of the post remains until you click on the button once more. With the corresponding filter, you can display all of the posts which you have denoted as important.

10. Action: Urgent

Posts which need to be taken care of soon or have a priority can be marked as such with the Urgent button.

When you click on the action, the button will be filled with color. The urgency of the post remains until you click on the button once more. With the corresponding filter, you can display all of the posts which you have denoted as urgent.

11. Action: Remind me

If you'd like to track a post, click on Remind me to set a reminder for that post.

Clicking on Remind me opens a tooltip, in which the reminder can be scheduled for: by clicking on the corresponding link. If the Custom option has been selected, an exact date for the reminder can be specified.

A post's reminder status is shown in different colors in the header of the post: When the day, on which the reminder begins, arrives, the user receives a notification and the reminder is updated. After the due date, the reminder is considered overdue and the reminder status will be updated once more.

To mark a post as Completed, click on the Remind me action and afterwards on the Completed button. Posts which have been marked as deleted will have a corresponding symbol in the header.

To completely delete a reminder, you first select the Remind me option below the post. Then click on Delete. Both the reminder date and the Completed mark (if set) will be reset.

12. Action: Favorite

Posts which you prefer can be marked as such with the Favorite button.

When you click on the action, the button will be filled with color. The favorite status of the post remains until you click on the button once more. With the corresponding filter, you can display all of the posts which you have denoted as favorites.


The comment function facilitates fast feedback to a post. Comments can be created directly under the post.

It is also possible to use the I like this function for comments.

You can delete your own comments by clicking on Delete this comment.

Comments to posts on your personal page from messages which you have sent, from events that you have organized, from groups which you moderate, and to your photos, can also be deleted in the same manner. Via the Edit link, you have the facility to revise your own comments.

14. Information

By clicking on this symbol, additional information about the post will be shown. Here you will see when the post was created or last modified. In addition, you can see to whom the post was distributed. If the post was created for a specific group of users, these are also listed. For posts which come from a plugin, the positioning date of the post is also displayed if this differs from the creation or latest modification date.

15. Administrate post

Click on Administrate post to manage the current post.

Edit post

Your own posts or posts for which you have adminisrative permissions, can be edited by clicking on Edit post. Even if you aren't a member of the Administrators group for Intrexx Share, you have administrative permissions for the following posts:
Please note that the shares of a post will also be changed when you edit a shared post.

Delete post

You can delete your own posts - or those for which you have administrative rights - at any time by selecting Delete this post. Even if you do not belong to the Intrexx Share group or to the Intrexx administrators, you have administrative rights to the following posts:

Hide post on News

In the News, every post can be hidden. The post is still visible in the module where it was created, e.g. in the Events module. Posts are always hidden just to the current user, i.e. other Intrexx Share users can continue to see posts which are hidden to you. A post which has been hidden on the News page, can be displayed again. To do this, switch to the post, e.g. by accessing the relevant module, or via the search facility, and select the option Display post on News. The post will then be displayed on both the News page, and in the associated module again.

To make the post visible again, click on the link Show this post again.

Report this post

For every post, you have the option Report this post which you can use to inform the Intrexx Share administrators about, for example, inappropriate content so that the post can be checked by an Intrexx Share administrator. The Intrexx Share administrators will be informed of the report with a notification.

Activate/Deactivate notifications

To follow a post, you can Activate notifications. Which events you will be informed about, when notifications are activated, depends on whether you are the creator, a commenter or a reader of the post.

As creator, you will receive a notification if If you comment on a post, you will receive a notification if As a reader, you will receive a notification if If you create, or comment on, a post, the Activate notifications option will automatically be set, and you have the ability to deactivate the notifications. As a reader of a post, the Activate notifications option is, by default, not set, but you can however activate the notifications from the Administrate post menu, and later deactivate them.

Hide all posts

If you're not in News, but another module, you have the option to hide, or show, all posts from a topic, e.g. from an event or message, in the News feed.

Hide all posts from this person on News

If you wish to prevent all of the posts from a specific colleague from appearing on the News page, this can be accomplished by using Hide all posts from this person on news. Both existing and future posts from this specifically blocked user will be hidden for you from display on the News page.

The posts from a blocked user can be made visible again with just a few clicks. You must switch to your personal page and when you click on Edit profile, go to the Blocked profiles section and click on Unblock for the user whose posts you wish to see again.

16. Moderator options

As the creator of a message, creator of an event, moderator of a group and on your personal page, you have the ability to administrate posts from other users with the Moderator options. You can edit or delete these posts.

17. Relationships

For posts, which come from a plugin where a relationship diagram has been defined for the data group, the Relationships action is available. With this option, all direct relationships, for which there are posts in Intrexx Share, can be reached. For example, with a new task from the CRM, the corresponding contact person, assigned employee, core data, etc, can be obtained via the corresponding defined relationships.

18. Smilies

Smilies can be used in posts and comments. Shortcuts and images for smilies are organized in the file which can be found in the internal/cfg folder within the portal directory. The characters that will be interpreted as a smiley are shown at the beginning of each line.

#Smiley format SmileyText=imageUrl,width,height,alt
imageTemplate=<img class="emoticon" src="{URL}" width="{WIDTH}" 
height="{HEIGHT}" alt="{ALT}" title="{ALT}"/>		
Here, the colons, semicolons and equals signs must be escaped with a backslash. If a user enters one of the character strings in an Intrexx Share post or comment, the corresponding image as detailed in the file will be loaded. The directory (image file path) is listed in the file after the smiley shortcut and = sign. Custom smilies can also be stored in directories that are accessible from the server, and shortcuts for these custom smilies can be added to the file. In the entries in the file, the width and height of the image appear after the image filename, followed by an alternative text that is displayed in cases where the image cannot be displayed. Below the list of smilies, a template is specified. This generates an HTML tag in the source code of posts and comments when a smiley shortcut is detected. In the placeholder, the corresponding path to the image and the dimensions and the alternate text will be used, depending on the type of smiley selected.

Please note that incorrect entries in the file may lead to malfunctions in Intrexx Share. United Planet accepts no liability in this case, and provides no support.
Links to profiles in Intrexx Share can be included in posts and comments in the form @Profile name. A profile name, which has the @ symbol as a prefix, will automatically be implemented as a link. When a user clicks on this link, the corresponding user's profile will be loaded. If you enter an @ symbol and the initial letters of the required user in the post, then a list of the corresponding Intrexx Share users will automatically be displayed. From this list, the target user can be selected. The selected profile name will then be placed in the post, at the current cursor position. If there is only one match, the user will be inserted right away.