Intrexx Share 2.1 - Messages

A message is always sent to a specified group of recipients. As the creator of a message, you will automatically be added to the recipients group. In the overview you will therefore see all of the messages where you belong to the recipient group. Click on Messages at the top left to refresh the messages list in the middle column.

1. Information

By clicking on the Information, you can display additional information about the message. By clicking on the number of recipients, an additional area will be opened which displays the profile pictures of the recipients. Click on a profile picture to open the personal page of the recipient. You can use the search field to search for a specific recipient. Additionally, you can see the message's total number of messages, and when and by whom the message was last changed. By clicking on the author link, you will switch to the personal page of the author.

You can see three different symbols at the top right:

Your are the creator
You are a recipient

A symbol is grayed out if you don't meet its requirements. The meaning of each symbol is shown in a tooltip when you move the mouse over them.

2. Create a message

To write a new message, click on the New message button at the top left of the display area. Alternatively, if you are on the personal page of a colleague, you can select Write a new message from there, to create a new message.

In both cases, a tooltip containing the master data of the message will be opened.

Enter a subject and the text of the message, and select the recipient(s). If you have created the message from the personal page of a user, then this user will be pre-selected as a recipient. You can, however, change the recipient group as required, just as you can in general with a new message. If you select a group as a recipient, the individual members of the group will be added to the recipient group when Send message is clicked on, rather than posting the message in the group. This procedure also applies to distribution lists, organizational units and roles. The recipients will be informed when you click on Send message.

3. Receive a message

The navigation bar will inform you about new messages. As long as you have not blocked the sender of the message, you will also see the new message on your News page.

4. View a message

Click on the profile picture or the heading to open the message.

In the middle column, you can see all of the message's posts, provided you haven't hidden them. You can find out more about this topic here.

5. Recipients

In this element, the number of recipients and their profile pictures are shown. Click on a profile picture to open the personal page of the recipient.

6. Manage a message

At the top left beneath the creator's profile picture, you can use the various functions to manage the message.

7. Edit a message

Click on Edit message to modify the message after it has been created.

Please note that you cannot remove yourself from the recipient group from this point.

Delete message

To withdraw from the recipient group of a message, select the option Delete message. The other recipients can continue to read and respond to the message. If the recipient group consists of only one user, and this user deletes the message, then there will be no remaining recipients, and the message will be completely removed.


Via Settings, the posts of this particular message can be set to be displayed or hidden on your News page.

Archive message / Remove archive flag

Messages, which you do not necessarily need to see on the overview page, but which you do not wish to delete, can be archived. Select Archive this message to archive the message. The message is then only archived for you. Other recipients of the message can decide for themselves if they wish to archive the message or not. Even when you have archived a message, you will continue to be notified of new posts via notifications and (as long as you have not selected Hide all posts of this message on News) you will be informed by your News page. Archived messages can be displayed on the overview page again. If you are on the page of an archived message, you can cancel the archiving by clicking on Remove archive flag.

8. Filters

All information regarding the general filters on the left-hand side on the overview page of the Messages module can be found here.

There is an additional option in the filters area for messages, Also show archived messages. This will mean that archived messages are shown in the overview.