Application Store - Intrexx Share 2.1 - Polls

This add-on allows you to carry out polls in Intrexx Share. The Polls add-on can be imported into your portal as usual.

When you open the add-on in the browser you'll also find the navigation bar from Intrexx Share that enables you to directly switch to Intrexx Share. You can also switch to the add-on via the navigation bar from within Intrexx Share. In doing so, you'll barely notice that you've left Intrexx Share and are now in the Polls add-on. Intrexx Share and Intrexx Share add-ons flow seamlessly into one another.

1. Create poll

Click on the button Create new poll to create a new poll.


Enter a subject for the poll here.


Enter your question here.


Select the category of your choice here.

New category
Opens a page where a new category can be entered.


Define the start and end date of the poll.

Allow multiple selections

With this setting, users can select more than one answer.

Show the poll in Share

The poll is shown as a post on News. The permissions defined in the app apply here. Users can vote and see the poll results from this post.

Show the poll in an Intrexx Share group

The poll is shown as a post in the group selected here. The permissions defined in the app apply here. Users can vote and see the poll results from this post.

Share the poll with a specific Intrexx user group

Shows a list of available users and a list of selected users. Users can be moved from one list to the other by double-clicking. Add the users who should take part in the poll to the Selected list. Click on Next.

New option
Opens a page where a poll answer can be entered.


Enter the text here that should be shown as a selectable answer in the poll.


Here you determine where this option should be positioned relative to the other options.


Shows the color value for the option (hexadecimal). If you click on the small color field, a palette will open where you can select a color.


A description can be entered in the text field underneath the color.


Any number of files can be file attachments can be uploaded here. Click on OK to save the option. Then create as many options as needed.

Would you like to release the survey?

With this setting, the poll is available in the portal as soon as you click on OK. If this setting isn't activated, the poll is saved as a draft.

The new poll is shown in the middle area of the Polls apps.

Edit poll
Opens the page where the poll can be edited.

Opens the page where the options can be edited.

Shows the list of recipients.

Change running time
Opens the page where the running time can be edited.

The remaining time of the poll and its creator will be displayed to the left of these buttons.

2. Voting

Click on the Vote button here.

Select the option you'd like to vote for and click on OK.

After voting, the results of the poll can be seen by clicking on Show results.

3. Permissions

So that the app Polls is available with all of its functions you need to give the users, who will create and contribute to the polls, the following permissions: