Document template creation - Aliases configuration

Applications module View page Properties Documents, Create new template, through to Aliases configuration

The placeholder assignment for the OpenOffice template is defined here. A placeholder can be created for each control in the template; the data from the control is then positioned here in the document.

Available controls

In this column, the controls can be selected that should be inserted as placeholders in the template.

Template context

You can see the placeholders that will be used later in the template in this column. If, for examplte, you configure a page that contains a table, an iterator can be determined to increase the readability of the document. Here, Intrexx first automatically inserts the name of the table record element of the table. This can be overwritten with an iterator of your choice. The iterator is automatically used for every element contained in the table, such as the title, instead of the name of the table record element.

Changes to the iterator are only saved if the change is confirmed with the Enter key.

When creating the template, all controls on the view page are selected automatically. If further controls are placed on the view page later, these can also be added to the template and their placeholder assignment adjusted here.

The following list shows the controls whose values can be presented in ODT: