Calendar plugin: Options

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Categorize appointment

Activates the grouping of appointments based on categories.

Edit title
Opens a dialog to configure the displayed value.

Background color / Font color

Select the corresponding fields for the Background and Text color. The colors are based on the category defined by the user in the browser.

Settings for resources

Enable display of resources

Displaying resources enables you to display appointments in a timeline, as well as avoiding shared resources from being booked multiple times. Activate this setting to do that.

Data group

Select the data group from which the data is taken.

Clicking on this button opens a dialog to define a filter for displaying the data.


Just like for the appointments the title of a resource can be edited here if you click on Edit title.


Click on Edit Sorting to enter the dialog where you can edit the sorting.

Grouping field

Select the field which contains the resources here.


You can select an image you have saved to the data group and edit its format with Edit image format.

Activate switching between resources

If this option is selected you can, for example, move the reservation belonging to the resource within the chart via drag & drop.


Here, you can define which data fields are applied when an appointment is moved. To do this, click on Select data fields.

Joint resource pool for multiple resource controls

Different plugins can be defined for desktop and mobile pages that access the same resources. Here, a key can be defined which is used to save the resources selected by the user in the browser, this is saved in the user profile. Plugins with the same key will then access the same selected resources.


Enter the key here, or select an existing key.