Creating and editing relationship diagrams

When you switch to the Relationships module in the Portal Manager, the Relationship Manager will be opened. If the Relationships module is already open, you can reach the Relationship Manager from the main menu File / Open relationship diagram. In the Relationship Manager, you can open relationship diagrams, that have been published on the server, by double-clicking on them.

New relationship diagram

On the left side of the Relationship Manager, you will find the link to New relationship diagram in the Actions area, through which you can create a new relationship diagram.


An existing relationship diagram that is currently being edited will always be shown with the symbol. If you place the mouse cursor on a relationship diagram, symbols will be shown to the right of it. You can unlock a relationship diagram that is currently being edited here. However, please note that when doing so, changes that are made simultaneously by two editors may be lost under certain circumstances.

An unlocked relationship diagram can be opened for editing by clicking on Open relationship diagram. Clicking on Create copy of relationship diagram duplicates the existing relationship diagram and opens the copy for editing. The button Activate relationship diagram behaves like the play button in a media player. Once it has been clicked, the relationship diagram will be active and will be accessible in the portal. The button itself will then be deactivated. With Deactivate relationship diagram, a relationship diagram will be turned off and will no longer be accessible in the portal. With Delete, an existing relationship diagram will be deleted.

Recently edited

If you click on the link Recently edited, all relationship diagrams will be listed that have been edited recently.


By clicking Other..., you have the ability to open relationship diagrams again, that were saved via the menu item File / Save relationship diagram as..., as a working copy.

Import / Export

All information regarding this topic can be found here.


With an extensive list, searching in the upper area of the Relationship Manager will make it easier to find relationship diagrams. Simply enter the title or the GUID of the relationship diagram you'd like to find. Furthermore, you can sort the list by date, title or user in ascending or descending order on the right of the search box.