Application Store - Seating Plan for Intrexx

1. Installation

To use the application, you require at least Intrexx 8 with all Online Updates. Import the file "" that was downloaded from the Application Store.

2. Create seating plan

You can create a floor plans on the overview page. Provide the floor with a title and upload an image file that depicts the plan. Then click on "Save"

Departments can be defined by clicking on "New department".

Click on "New employee" to defined employees. Enter the relevant data and upload a photo so that the employee is easier to identify. Then click on "Edit seating arrangement".

You can select one of the defined floor plans here. The position of the employee is depicted as a symbol on the floor plan. You can adjust this position however you like with the entries in "Position from left" and "Position from top". Save your entries.

If you now click on the to the left of the employee's last name in the "Employees" table, a page will open that diplays the employee data and where they sit.

If you open a floor plan from the "Floor plans" table, the floor plan will be displayed with every defined seat. If you move the mouse over an employee symbol, the employee will be displayed beneath the floor plan.