Processes - Intrexx Share actions - Create a group - Members

Processes module Create a group - Action Properties The members of the group can be defined here. The creator(s) and moderator(s) are automatically always group members and do not need to be selected.

Static users

The option Static users allows you to select and add one or more users from the Intrexx user management by clicking on Select user object. Clicking on Delete user object will remove the selected member from the group.

Users from data field

The setting Users from data fields allows you to select a data field from which the members should be taken. This data field must contain the user GUIDS or IDs from the Intrexx user management.

Users from a data group request

With the option Users from a data group request, an Application, Data group and Data field can be selected whose values should be used to determine the members. Beforehand, the data available for selection can be filtered by clicking on Edit filter on the right-hand side of the drop-down list Application.

Current user / Superior / Deputy

If the option Current user is chosen, the current user automatically becomes a member of the group. The same applies to the Superior and Deputy of the current user, if the corresponding option is selected.

System value

By clicking on Edit system value, a system value can be defined from which the members originate. The system value must therefore provide the corresponding user GUIDs and IDs.