New attribute

The Name that you enter here must be unique. It will be applied system-wide.

The Title will be used when the attribute is applied to controls, filters, and its display in the User Manager.

Select the desired data type in the list Type.

In Size, the maximum length of characters for text attributes can be defined. In DB column name, the name of the database field, in which the values of the attribute will be saved, will be defined.

The Use in User Manager search setting allows an attribute to be added to the search in the User Manager. The attribute can be used with the setting Usable in controls in application elements, such as the entries in the view table or the drop-down list. The setting Useable in filters allows the attribute to be used in filter definitions. Usable as default value allows an attribute to be used as default value in edit elements. Usable as Web Service parameter allows the attribute to be used in web services.