Import settings

With the Import User setting, all users will be imported. The Select user setting allows users to be specifically selected on the following page.

Highlight the users that you wish to import in this list. In order to import users from LDAP sources, additional options can be set.

With the Deactivate imported users setting, all user accounts of new users after an import will first be deactivated and must be activated by the administrator.

Passwords cannot be imported, as most source systems do not provide this function for security reasons.

The Do not generate option will cause Intrexx to not generate any passwords automatically. Users without passwords will have easy access to the portal, as only the user name is required for login. The Create invalid passwords setting will cause Intrexx to generate pro forma unique passwords for each user. With these passwords, no login will be possible, but they can be changed by administrators in the User Manager.

The Generate random passwords setting will create a password for each user after import. If the Send to user via email setting is active, each user for whom an email address has been saved will be sent the new password automatically via email.

If no domains can be found for an LDAP import, a standard domain can be entered into the Default Domain field. The setting to Import User groups will import user groups. The Select groups setting allows you to select individual user groups on the following dialog page, as with the Select Users setting.

The Import organizational structure setting will import organizational branches. If organizational units are imported from LDAP directories that contain no assignment of users to positions or roles, the selected position type in Default Role Name will be used as the default assignment.

The magnifying glass allows the container in which the new users will be imported to be selected in the following dialog.