Edit irrelevant elements

Applications menu Application menu / Import or export texts

In this list, elements will be managed that are considered to be irrelevant for the language export. These will not be included in the export file. To exclude an element from the export, enter its XML name here. By doing this, all of this element's texts will no be exported. However, you can also define which of the element's texts should not be exported (e.g. shapedtablebase:title - apart from titles, all of the textes from the object shapedtablebase will be exported). Multiple text types can be chained together with : (e.g. element:type:type[...]). The XML name of elements and the corresponding text types can be retrieved from an export file.

Add element
Adds an additional, empty row. Double-click on this row to enter the element's name into the list.

Remove element
Deletes the highlighted element from the list.

Reset to Intrexx default
Restores the list to its original state.