Free layout table - Options

Static title / Title from constants

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General settings

Display records

In the Display records drop-down list, you can choose between the HTML elements Table (display as table), Unordered list (display as unsorted list with numbering characters) and Div (display in lines).

Number of records per page

With Number of records per page, you can define the maximum number of data records that will be shown on one page in the browser. If -1 is entered here, all data records will be displayed.

Spread to maximum available width

Adjusts the table's width according to the element(s) surrounding it.

Display text if no data set exists

If Display text if no data set exists is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available.

Use global text

If this setting is selected, the text used will be the one stored in the language constant DR_NO_RECORD, it will also be displayed multilingually according to the Regional settings of the portal properties.

Text if no data exists

If this setting is not activated, a static text can be entered in the entry field below or you can select a language constant that will provide the text.

Additional properties

Click on Additional properties to open an additional dialog that allows you to modify the table's layout.

Floating arrangement

This option is only available when the setting Div is selected from the Display records drop-down list. In the default setting, data records in free layout tables are arranged one beneath the other. With the floating arrangement, data records are shown next to one another and a line break is added as soon as the end of the row is reached.


Display title

If Display title is selected, the title of the free layout table will be displayed above the table in the end device. Click on Edit to open a dialog where the title's format can be specified.


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