New button

Static title / Title from constants

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Link destination

Display as link

In tables, integrated data fields with valid control types can be defined as a link by clicking on Display as link. When the user clicks on an entry in the browser, the page will be loaded that's defined as the link destination.

Link destination

In Link destination, you can specify the page that will be loaded when the user clicks on the button in the browser. Select the application that contains the target page from the list Application. The link destination will be registered automatically as soon as a page is clicked on in the application structure depicted below.

Primary key

If required, select the data field whose value should be compared with the primary key of the data group that is defined as the link destination. If the values coincide, the corresponding record of the target data group will be loaded.

Create new record

For buttons, that perform actions on edit pages, the setting Create new record can be activated. The edit page will then be reset, i.e. empty and without data, so that a new record can be entered. Equally, the option Jump to existing data record can be used to load an existing data set.

Destination options

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