Multiple selection properties - Users and groups - Selecion filter

Applications module Multiple selection element Properties Data source tab - Users and groups - Selection filter

Selection filter for the control

The objects from the User Manager are listed here.

Active column

If the checkbox is activated here, the corresponding button will be shown as active in the browser and can be selected for filtering.

Icon column

The icon, that will be used for the filtering button, is shown here.

Alternative text column

The text is shown here that will be shown instead of the icon in browsers that cannot display images.

Create new selection filter
Shows a menu where objects, that are not yet defined as a filtering button, can be selected.

Delete selection filter
Removes the selection filter currently selected.

Edit selection filter
Opens a dialog where the selection filter currently selected can be modified.

Move up / Move down
Adjusts the order of the filtering buttons.

Show all entries in case all selection filters are inactive

If this setting is not active, no entry will be shown if all selection filters are inactive.