View field - Control type: Telephone - Options

Data type of connected data field: String

With this control type, the text in the browser will be constructed as a link, via which an SMS will be sent or a telephone connection with an automatically dialed number will be created. For telephony, the following protocols can be selected: If problems while constructing a telephone connection occur, please contact the manufacturer to clarify which protocol is appropriate for your telecommunication end device and whether additional browser plugins are required. The protocol wtai://wp/ap offers the ability to enter telephone numbers into the address book of a mobile telephone. To do so, in the Name drop-down list, select a string data field that contains the number to be saved. If you wish to use a different protocol for the view control, you can enter it directly to the drop-down list Protocol. Simply overwrite the current entry with the protocol of your choice.

Column Presentation in View Tables

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