Setup - Mac OS X

Installing Intrexx requires at least Mac OS X 64 Bit update 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Once you've downloaded Intrexx, please launch the downloaded disk image file.

Afterwards, Intrexx's graphical installation routine will start.

Select Intrexx Full Installation for a complete installation. The option Intrexx Portal Server Production Installation allows you to install Intrexx without demo portals. If Intrexx is already installed on a server and a connection from the client to the server is required, only installing the Intrexx Portal Manager will suffice.

By clicking on Compare distribution sets, you can see which installation is suitable for your needs.

In the following dialog, you can configure the installation according to your requirements and environment. To do that, click on the headings of each section.

After the installation is completed, you can select which steps should be carried out next.

To close, click on Finish. The installation (DMG) file can now be removed from the Finder. After the installation, start the program Terminal in Applications/Utilities. Open the Finder and in Applications, select the Intrexx installation folder, e.g. Intrexx, and then bin/macosx.

In this folder, you'll also find the files So that the services (daemons) are started after the Mac OS X system is restarted, these need to be installed. This point only needs to be performed if the daemons weren't added (e.g. because of insufficient permissions) during the Intrexx installation. Before taking any more steps, check whether the files or are in the folder /Library/LaunchDaemons. If the .plist files are present, the installation was completed fully and the following steps don't need to be carried out. If the files aren't present, proceed as follows:

Open the file upixtomcat from the folder /Applications/Intrexx/bin/macosx in Terminal.

The file can also be opened in Terminal from the Finder by using drag & drop.

In Terminal, enter install after the path and press the enter key.

Perform the same procedure for the files upixsupervisor and upixp_<PORTALNAME>. Additionally, the following commands are available: console, start, stop, restart, condrestart, status, remove and dump. Use these to perform actions such as manually restarting daemons etc.

At /Applications/Intrexx, you can start the Intrexx administration interface, the Intrexx Portal Manager, by double-clicking on it.

Uninstalling Intrexx

In order to uninstall Intrexx, call up the file from the directory /Applications/Intrexx with the sudo command.

After your password has been entered and another security request, Intrexx will be removed from your system.

To find out how to create a new portal, click here.

Parallel installations

If you would like to install multiple instances of Intrexx, please consider the following points: