Additional controls

With the additional controls in the Design module, a wide array of elements to manage important functions in the portal is available to you. These elements take over tasks such as logging in and logging out, switching the portal between various layouts or languages, and much more. If you click on the arrow next to the symbol for additional controls, a list will open, from which the elements can be selected.

Group for additional controls

By selecting the Group for additional controls, you can combine multiple controls into one container.

The Group for additional controls will be displayed on the workspace as an element (Action group).

Login button

This additional control will be shown in the browser as a link with which a user can log in to or out of the portal. Clicking the link will open a popup window for the authentication. If the user is already logged in, he has here the additional ability to change his password.

Logout button

With this additional control, a user can log out of the portal.

Share notifications

Displays the number of new notifications from Intrexx Share.

Language switch

The language switch shows, in link format, the languages that have been defined in the country settings for the portal. When the user clicks on it, the portal will switch to the selected language.

Language switch drop-down list

This control allows the desired language to be chosen from a drop-down list.

Locale switch

Every portal locale available is shown as a text link.

Locale switch drop-down list

Every portal locale available is shown as a drop-down list.


Clicking this additional control will load the sitemap for all menu items and applications in the main window of the portal. Each entry for which the currently logged in user has access permission will be given as a link. Via the sitemap, the user can navigate to specific menu items or applications. With this additional control, a user can search the entire portal for specific terms. The search terms will be entered in a search field. With the Enter key, or by clicking on the symbol on the right of the search field, the search will be started. The results will be displayed with links as a popup window. The hit (application page) will be loaded in the main window of the portal when the link is clicked. The search will only give the results for which the logged-in user possesses sufficient access permissions.

Other options

VM name

Shows the name of the VM file which underlies the Search element.


Click Select image to include an image which will be shown to the right of the Search control.

Show search suggestions

Information regarding this topic can be found here.

Show search result list in

Here, you can choose whether the search results should be shown in a tooltip or on the main page.


Favorites that have been added to the Favorites portlet can be reached with this additional control directly via a drop-down list in the menu container. The additional control will only be displayed if favorites have been added to the Favorites portlet.


With this additional control, currently loaded application pages can be added to a personal briefcase. If you wish to add an application page to the briefcase, first load the page, then click on Add to briefcase.

Define a name here, under which the page will be saved to the briefcase. Clicking on OK will save the entry. With Open briefcase, you can load the page again.

Layout switch

This additional control displays the names of the available layouts of the portal as links. Users can switch between various layouts by clicking the links.

Layout switch drop-down list

With this control, additional layouts, that can be switched to, can be chosen from a drop-down list.

Layout switch (only desktop layouts)

This control can only be used for desktop layouts. If the layout should be displayed for mobile end devices, please use the Layout switch control.

New message

With this additional control, the Messenger window will be opened, in which a message can be composed and sent.


Shows the first and last names of the current user.


Shows the current date and time

Portal name

Shows the name of the portal

Hide menu

Hides all menus; only the application area will be shown. Shows the path from the start page up to the current location in the portal.

Application name

Shows the name of the application currently open.


The language and layout settings, and the password, can be changed here. If required, additional options will be displayed, such as portal settings or search functions.

Elements from the hidden area of an application page can also be set to be displayed, or hidden, as required, with the Settings control. Alternatively, the shortcut ALT + h can also be used.

Additional controls for mobile end devices

In addition to the controls described here, you will find controls for mobile end devices, which offer the same functions as above but are designed for use on mobile end devices. These controls contain, for example, no tables and will also be correctly displayed if JavaScript is turned off.

With the Top link control, one may navigate one level upwards. Default layout switches to the standard layout of the end device.

Change password

This control shows a link to change the password.