Event sources

Processes module

Global timer

A global timer creates a task as soon as it is defined in the process and the process is saved on the server. These tasks will be listed and described in the Tools .

A global timer will be used when a time-controlled event plays a role in the process (such as reminding a user of overdue reports every morning via email). A timer event handler can react to these events in a process.

Start global timer

If a global timer is selected in the process, the timer can be manually executed via the Start global timer job context menu item.

This function is interesting, for example, if the actions that are connected to the global timer are to be executed independently of the set execution time.

IMAP event source

An IMAP event source monitors a folder on and IMAP email server and generates an event, such as when an email message is received.

Generic event source

Java classes, even from third party providers, can function as generic event handlers as long as they implement the IWorkflowEventSource interface. Further information can be found here.