Main menu in the Processes module



Connect portal service

This menu item opens the dialog to log in to a portal.

Disconnect portal service

This menu item will log off an opened portal. You will be notified of unsaved changes with a message.

New process

Selecting this menu item will create a new process.

Open process

With this menu item, the existing processes will be listed in the Process Manager and can be opened for editing.

Open process as copy

Creates a copy of the current process and opens it on the workspace.

Close process

Closes a process.

Close all processes

Closes all currently opened processes.

Import / Export process

All information on this topic can be found here.

Publish process

Publishes the currently opened process to the server.

Save process locally

With this menu item, a process that is visible on the workspace can be saved with the current changes to a local or network directory of your choice with the ending .ixpr.

Delete process

This menu item opens the Process Manager. Already opened processes can be deleted there.

Export as graphic

This menu item allows a process to be exported as an image file.



Copies the GUID of the currently selected process element to the clipboard.


Copies the currently highlighted element on the workspace to the clipboard.


Inserts the contents of the clipboard to the workspace. Select the context menu item Paste when the contents of the clipboard should be inserted into a specific location on the workspace.

If Groovy elements are pasted from the clipboard, one may choose to either create a copy of the original script file or a reference to the original script. When inserting a Groovy script element, the following query will be output.

Confirm with Yes if you wish to create a copy of the original script. Select No to only create a reference to the original script.

Delete element

Deletes the currently highlighted element.

Delete element with connections

Deletes the currently selected element and all of its connections to other elements.

Edit script

Opens the Groovy script editor if a Groovy script element is highlighted. The relevant script will be loaded automatically.

Edit connection ID

Opens a dialog to edit the connection ID for Groovy script conditions and generic conditions.

Copy / Apply size

Clicking on Copy size will copy the the size of an element, if it selected in the work space. Click on Apply size to apply the size, which was copied in the previous step, to the currently selected element.

Create background box from selection

Visually groups the selected elements together with a colored background.

Activate element

Activates the currently highlighted element.

Deactivate element

Deactivates the currently highlighted element. All functions of the element will therefore no longer be run in the process. Deactivated elements will be displayed on the workspace grayed out. Following actions will no longer be executed.

Activate all selected elements

Activates all elements that are highlighted on the workspace.

Deactivate all selected elements

Deactivates all elements that are highlighted on the workspace.

Select this and all following elements

Highlights the currently selected element and all following elements that follow it in the process chain.

Select all elements

Highlights every element which is currently on the workspace.

Display links

With this function, all of an element's links with other elements will be shown in the Search window. This menu point is available when a Groovy scrip element is selected. This allows you to check whether the script file specified there is used in other Groovy elements.

Show in element overview

Selects the element in the process overview area.

Create Snapshot

Creates a snapshot.


Opens the properties dialog of the currently selected element.


Opens the details dialog with additional information regarding the currently selected element.

View menu

In this menu, the individual areas of the module can be shown or hidden. An area that is shown will be shown in its own window depending on space, which you can move wherever you wish via drag & drop.

If you want to anchor the area as a fixed tab in the module, drag the window with the mouse on the title of the area (here you see Snapshots for example) do not drag the title bar of the window - to the desired position.

Global Views

Via this menu item, views of the Session activity, the Database activity and the Memory usage will be displayed in the lower area of the Portal Manager.

Restore default view

Restore default view will arrange all areas according to the original view mode.


Activate / Deactivate

Activates or deactivates the complete process. If a process is deactivated, a link will be shown under the title. Clicking on this link will activate the process again. Optionally activating the process can be triggered immediately or after saving the process.

Import / export texts

With this menu item, all descriptions or titles of elements in an application will be exported in the formats CSV, XLS or XML. The function can be used in the translation of applications into other languages.

Analyze Logfile

The activities of processes will be documented with date, process title, the event type end the name of the element in a log file.


Opens the properties dialog of the process. The properties can also be reached via the context menu, or by double clicking on the process title at the head of the workspace.