Main menu - Portal

Portal properties

In the menu Portal / Portal Properties you have direct access to the properties of the portal currently open.

Edit menu structure

Users with the portal permission Applications or Design can edit the menu structure of the portal here. All changes to the menu structure will take effect immediately.

Portal permissions

The permissions to administrate the portal and the portal page, as well as the permissions to individual modules and the messenger will be controlled here.

Send update request to browser

Opens a dialog where the Intrexx cache control can be defined.

Open portal in browser

The currently connected portal will be loaded in the browser.

Expert area

This menu point will be available if the setting Enable expert options has been activated in the menu Extras / Options / Portals.

Generic permissions

Permissions for any object, e.g. access permissions to individual files, can be granted in the Generic permissions management.

Import / Export portal

All Information on this topic can be found here.


With this menu item, the list of existing portals will be refreshed.