Main menu in the Design module



Connect portal service

This menu item opens the dialog to log in to a portal.

Disconnect portal service

This menu item will log off an opened portal. You will be notified of unsaved changes with a message.

New, open, delete Layout

With these menu items, the Layout Manager will be opened, in which new layouts can be created, opened for editing, or deleted.

Close layout

Closes the currently opened layout.

Close all layouts

Closes all currently opened layouts.

Importing and exporting layouts

All information on this topic can be found here.

Publish layout

Saves the layout currently visible on the workspace to the server.

Save layout locally

The layout can be saved to an unlocked local directory of your choice, or on the network as a layout file with the ending .ixcla.

Administrate browser rules

Each client that accesses a web application will be designated with a user agent. Upon each access to the server, the client sends an identifier, the so-called user agent string, to the server. With this recognition code, the client can be identified. By managing the browser rules, Intrexx can control which layout should be presented for which client.


Closes the Portal Manager.


Depending on the element that is currently selected, various menu items are available in this menu.


Copy the currently highlighted element to the clipboard.


Paste the contents of the clipboard to the workspace.


Delete the currently highlighted element.

Copy CSS property

Copy the style properties for the currently highlighted element from the stylesheet to the clipboard.

Paste CSS properties

Overwrites the CSS properties of the highlighted element with the CSS properties on the clipboard.

Add CSS rule

Via this menu item, you can define your own CSS rules.

Insert new level

CSS rules can also be grouped for a better overview.

Create snapshot

Creates a snapshot of the current layout.

Edit stylesheet

In this menu, you can find additional menu items with which the stylesheets of a layout can be edited in the Stylesheet editor.


From this menu point, the properties dialog of the element currently selected in the area Layout is opened.

Rearrange sub containers

With container elements, all absoutely positioned sub-elements will be rearranged with a new, automatic height and width by clicking on this menu point; in this way, they will take up the maximum space available. As this concerns an automatic calculation, a snapshot is created before, meaning you can go back to the previous state of your layout if the result of the calculation isn't satisfactory.

Add control element

From the area Control elements, this menu point can be used to create a new control element with corresponding CSS rules. Highlight the desired type (e.g. Text or Button) to do that.

If you create new controls in the Application Designer from the menu Edit / Edit layout, make sure that you use a title that is unique across the entire portal. A title may not appear in another application of the current portal.

Add empty control element

By using this menu point, you can also create a new control element that doesn't contain any pre-defined rules apart from the class selector.

View menu

In this menu, the individual areas of the Design module and the ruler at the edge of the workspace can be shown or hidden. Furthermore, you have the option to restore the default view.

Global views

Via this menu item, views of the Session activity, the Database activity and the Memory usage will be displayed in the lower area of the Portal Manager.

Restore default view

Restore default view will arrange all areas according to the original view mode.

Layout menu

Layout settings...

The layout's properties can be modified here.

Administer image list

With this menu point, the current layout's image list can be managed.

Replace colors

Here, the colors used in the current layout can be adjusted.