Intrexx Share 2.1 - Photos

In this module, every Intrexx Share user has the ability to create their own photo albums.

1. Overview

On the photo albums overview page you can see all albums which you have created or for which you have access permissions. In the middle column, you can see a preview image and title. The creation date and the number of photos contained in the album are shown beneath the album's title. Click on Photos refreshes the photo album list in the middle column. The albums can be opened by clicking on the title.

2. Create photo album

To create a new photo album, select the New album button at top left of the display.

Title and description

Enter a title and description for the new album.

Privacy settings: The photo album is...

Create a post on News that a new photo album was created

For public albums, and for albums for your contacts and with restricted visibility, you can specify whether a post whould be created on News informing other Intrexx Share users about the new album. The users need to have subscribed to the Intrexx Share - Photo albums app to see this.

Preview image

Select a new preview image for the new album.

Upload photos

Photos can be be uploaded to the album here. The following formats are permitted: svg, png, jpg, jpeg, gif and bmp. Click on Save to create the new photo album.

3. Manage photo album

About the preview image on the left-hand side you can see how the privacy settings have been defined and for who the album is visible. Click on the preview image to refresh the middle column. The album's creator is shown beneath the title and description. Click on the profile image of the creator to open their personal page.

4. Edit album

To edit the master data of the album itself, rather than just an individual photo, click on the Edit edit the album's master data. The page corresponds with the creation page. Additionally, the Delete button will be available to you, with which you can remove the complete album.

If you click on this link, the album will be shown as a gallery.

You can start a slide show with the play button in the lower right-hand corner. When the slide show is running, the play button turns into a pause button, which you can use to pause the slide show. To close the gallery, you can either click on the cross at the top right of the image, or simply click in the black area around the photo. Alternatively, you can also exit this view by pressing the Esc key of the keyboard.

6. Upload photos

In the middle column, the creator of the album has the ability to upload photos to their album. When you click on OK, the photos will be added to the album. People with the appropriate access, based on the privacy settings, will see the same view of the photo album but just without the ability to upload photos to the album.

7. Photo details

If you click on a photo you will see more details.

With the arrow buttons beneath the buttons to move backwards and forwards through the photos in the album. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to move backwards and forwards. You can comment on the pictures here as well.

Att the top right you can see Manage post.

Edit post

Here, you edit the title, description and the image file itself. The individual photo can be deleted by clicking Delete.

Report post

You can find out more about this topic here.

Deactivate notifications

The notifications regarding new photos, changes to photos etc. can be turned off here. For more information on this topic, click here.

Click on to show more information about the creation date.

Comment on photo

All Intrexx Share users, who have access to the album based on the privacy settings, can comment on photos by clicking on Add comment.

You can also click on I like this to show that you like a picture or comment.

8. Categories filter

The list of photo albums on the overview page can be restricted in the Filter by category element. Mine shows albums that you've created. The category Public lists all albums which have been created by other Intrexx Share users with Public visibility. Under Contacts, you will see those albums which have been created by one of your contacts, regardless of whether the album is public, only visible to contacts, or is only visible to a user-defined target group. If the creator of a photo album has selected a specific target group via the Restricted visibility, and you belong to this group, then you will see the corresponding album in the category More. Only albums from users who do not belong to your contacts will be listed here. You can find more information about filters here.