Intrexx Share 2.1 - Notifications

1. General

You will be informed about various events within Intrexx Share via notifications. In the navigation bar you can see at a glance if you have any new notifications.

For each type of notifcation, you can specify in the Settings whether you also wish to receive an email for each notification. Therefore the email configuration also gives you an overview of the events for which a notifcation will be generated. If there are no new notifications for you, an Information symbol is shown instead of a number. By clicking on the notifications symbol, a tooltip will be opened in which the new notifications will be listed.

In the notifcations you can use the links to switch to the areas associated with the notifications. Often, this will be the personal page of a colleague, a group or a message or something similar. When the mouse hovers over the symbol at the beginning of a notification, you can see when the notification was created. A click on Mark as read removes the notification from the tooltip. Mark all as read removes all notifications from the tooltip. In both cases you can still view the notifications. To do this, click on Show all notifications. All notifications that you have received will be listed, regardless of whether you have already marked the notifications as read or not.

From this overview page you also have the option to mark individual notifications as read, by clicking on Mark as read. The Mark all as read link is available at the bottom of the list.

When all notifications marked as read are removed from the list of all notifications, which you have received, can be configured in the Settings.

2. Filter by date

The notifications can be filtered by their latest update. Normally the update date is the date of creation. However, a message may be created as a result of an event, for example, when a user marks one of your posts with I like this. If a second user subsequently also marks this post with I like this, no new message will be generated, but the existing message will be updated. In this case the last update date will be changed, and it will be set to the time at which the post was last marked with I like this. There are corresponding updates for various types of notification. The Filter by date element therefore finds the posts with update dates falling within the selected period. Further information on the use of the Filter by date element can be found here.