Intrexx Share 2.1 - Advertising

1. Advertisements overview

In the middle column, all advertisements will be list which the user has created or for which they have access permission according to the visibility settings.

2. Create advertisement

To create a new advertisement select the New advertisement button at the top left of the display.

Enter the Title of the advertisement here and define the Validity period of the advertisement. To the right of the from and until fields of the validity period you can open a small calendar via the Select date button, here you can select a date and specify a time. Alternatively, you can enter the validity period using the keyboard in the text fields. Select a Preview image for the teaser to generate greater interest for the advertisement. The advertisement can be seen by the creator in the overview at any time. Other Intrexx Share users will only see the advertisement during the specified validity period. The full advertisement text is entered in the Description field. The Create a post on News that a new advertisement was created setting informs the users on their News page that the advertisement has been created, as long as they have subscribed to the Advertising app. Advertisements can also be commented on in this way. Comments will then be shown in the post on the News page, as well as on the view page of the advertisement. Click on the Add more files link to show a file selection box that you can use to upload images. Click on Publish to publish the advertisement immediately. If you click on Next, then the advertisement is saved as a draft. In the following steps you can choose which users should be reached by the advertisement. You can also do this later if you have published the advertisement immediately.

Here, you define whether the advertisement should only be visible to people of specific departments. Select the required departments or skip the page by clicking on Next, if the advertisement should be visible to all Intrexx Share users regardless of department.

On the Languages page you can specify whether the advertisement should only be displayed to people with knowledge of specific languages. Select the required languages, or skip the page by clicking on Next; in this case the advertisement will be visible to all Intrexx Share users, regardless of their language skills.

Some advertisements are intended for colleagues with specific skills. In this part of the wizard you have the ability to direct the advertisement to such people. Select the required skills, or skip the page by clicking on Next, in which case the advertisement will be visible to all Intrexx Share users regardless of their particular skills.

You can also select the personal interests of the users in the wizard. Thus, the advertisement only reaches people who share one of the selected interests. If the personal interests are not relevant for your advertisement, leave this page empty and complete the advertisement by clicking on Publish.

3. Manage advertisement

To see the full version of an advertisement from the overview, or to manage the advertisement, switch to the advertisement view by clicking on the advertisement image or title.

You can see the title image of the advertisement in the left column. Click on this to refresh the content in the middle column. The advertisement's visibility is shown above this image. Underneath the title, you can see the start and end date of the advertisements. This is followed by the complete advertisement text. Click on the name or profile picture of the creator to switch to their personal page.

4. Edit advertisement

As the advertisement's creator, you have access to additional buttons in the left column.

Click on Edit, to modify the advertisement's data.

Click on Delete to delete the advertisement.

Click on Edit image to modify the advertisement's image.

Connections can be created by clicking on Connections.

You can find out more about this topic here.

5. Clicks

In the Clicks element on the right-hand side of the display, you can see how often your advertisement has been clicked on. The number of clicks alone is the deciding factor. Even if one user calls on the advertisement several times, the number of clicks will be increased with every call.

6. Filter by categories

This filter provides the facility to filter the overview of the advertisements, whether you are the creator of an advertisement or not. If no category is selected, then you will see all advertisements which you have either created yourself or you have access according to the target group defined (including validity period and publishing status). Mine lists the advertisements that you have created, independent of validity period or publishing status. In the category More you will see advertisements that have been created and published by other users, and where you belong to the target group. You will only see these advertisements during their validity period. If you select several categories, then the advertisements displayed will be those which fall into one of the selected categories. You can find out more about this subject here.