For many elements, you can influence the colors used for the display of elements or their backgrounds.

As with the fonts, selecting inherit means that the color property will be applied from the parent CSS element. If you select the entry Select color in the Element settings area, you will reach the dialog shown here.

Here you have the choice between Browser-safe colors, the setting via the RGB color model,

or the HSB color model.

The preview shows the current color of the element as well as the new, changed color. The color value will additionally be shown as a hexadecimal number in the lower area.

With the RGB color model, your company colors can be very easily adopted for use in the portal. If a hexadecimal color entry is available, you can convert it easily to RGB values. A hexadecimal color entry is always six-digit, beginning with the # character. The first two characters after the # correspond to the amount of red in the RGB color model. The third and fourth characters correspond to the amount of green and the last two characters the amount of blue.

These values can be easily converted with a calculator. Enter the hexadecimal value of the first two characters (FF) and then simply switch to the decimal display of the value (255). You will then enter the value returned into the RGB color model for the corresponding amount of red. Continue in the same manner for the other character pairs.

Click on OK once you have defined your color.

The RGB value of the color will be entered into the value column in the format rgb (x,y,z). In it, x corresponds to red, y to green, and z to the blue value. The RGB value can in this form be entered directly to the drop-down list.

If you select colors from dialogs, a small palette will be shown.

If you do not want to assign a color, select the setting No color. The setting for Transparent will display the element transparently. Inherit color corresponds to the inherit setting, with which the color of the preceding element will be applied. Clicking on Other… takes you into the dialog in which you can select between Browser-safe colors or the RGB or HSB color model.

Every new color will be automatically shown in the small color palette. If you cannot find the color of an existing element in the color palette, you can click on the color in the properties of the element. The color will thereafter be shown in the small color palette and can be applied to other elements.