Design - WAI-Aria Roles

Roles are WAI-Aria specifications that describe the status and properties of a design element. Assistive technologies, such as screenreaders, which make interfaces accessible to blind computer users, read the contents of the screen and transmit the information to speech output and lines of Braille. Here you will see a typical page construction, in which the individual elements have been assigned roles:

The elements that you use in the layout can be assigned the following roles:


With banners, the contents will be specially designated that are specific to the website, such as page title or logo.


Designates additional contents that can also stand on its own if it is separated from the main contents, such as a newsticker on a website.


Used for footnotes, copyright notices, presets, legal notices, and similar contents.


Always has a direct relation to the main contents, or leads to the central contents of the document.


Designates areas that contain links for navigation.


Designates areas with search functions.


Designates comments or notes on the main content.


Will be used when contents make sense by themself, such as a blog or forums entry.