Connectors - SAP Business Suite

Link you SAP data to your Intrexx portal and model entire business processes from SAP - possible even across multiple SAP systems. In this way, you can implement completely new approaches, such as an extranet where partners can view price lists and customers can retrieve the status of their order. The Connector takes advantage of the Remote Function Call (RFC): Via the browser, a request is sent to the Intrexx server via http/https. The Intrexx server calls the corresponding RFC module using the SAP middleware provided by SAP. The SAP middleware retrieves the requested data in the appropriate SAP system via RFC-API and returns this to the Intrexx server as a response. The Connector is complete integrated into the Intrexx application framework.

here are two options available for the Connector for SAP Business Suite. We've provided you with a quickstart forusing SAP Business Suite data in your portal:

1. Installation
2. Set up the connection
3. Integrate SAP data in applications