Application Store - Intrexx Share 2.1 - Help me

With this add-on, questions can be asked and answered by other users. The Help me app can be imported into your portal as usual.

When you open the add-on in the browser you'll also find the navigation bar from Intrexx Share that enables you to directly switch to Intrexx Share. You can also switch to the add-on via the navigation bar from within Intrexx Share. In doing so, you'll barely notice that you've left Intrexx Share and are now in the Help me add-on. Intrexx Share and Intrexx Share add-ons flow seamlessly into one another.

1. Manage categories

Click on this link to open a page where categories can be entered.

Enter a category here and click on OK. The new category is now shown in the table below. Once all categories have been entered, close the page by clicking on this symbol at the top-right.

If you click on one of the categories, the questions in the middle area will be filtered based on your selection.

2. Ask a question

To create a new question, click on Ask a question now.

Your question

Enter your question here.

Question details

The question can be explained in more detail here.


A file that relates to the question can be uploaded here.

Do you want to assign certain categories (recommended)?

Select a category by moving with a double-click from the Select category list to the Selected list. We recommend assigning a category so that it's easier to keep track when you have a large number of questions.

Add category

Click on this link to add a new category.

Ask the Share community

This setting must be activated id the question should be displayed. The question's visibility depends on the users' permissions set up by you.


With this setting, the post with the question will be marked as important.


With this setting, the post with the question will be marked as urgent.

Do you want to add tags (recommended)?

Just enter the tags beneath this setting by clicking on [Edit].

Post question

Saves and publishes the question.

The question is now shown in the middle area. Click on its title to open an edit page where the question can be edited. If tags were added, you'll see them beneath the question details plus the current number of answers for this question and the number of Likes.

3. Answers

Clicking on this link will show the Answer now link. You can enter your answer after clicking on this link. A file attachment can be added here as well. Click on OK to save your answer.

The number of submitted answers will now be shown.

Edit answer
Click on this button to edit the answer.

Add comment

You can add a comment to an answer by clicking on this link.

A file attachment can be added here as well. Click on OK to save the comment.

Answer now

Enables you to submit another answer to the question.

4. Rate answer

This answer is helpful / not helpful

Enables you to rate the answer.

Top answer

Click on this link to mark the corresponding answer as the best answer.

5. Filters

Different filters can be found on the left-hand side of the app. You can enter a search term in the field at the top. Only the questions with your entered term will be shown in the middle area. You already got to know the categories filter here. All information regarding the filter by date can be found here. To filter the questions by the assigned tags, just click on the corresponding tag.

6. Best questions

The questions which have received the most likes will be listed here.

7. My questions

You'll see a list of all of the questions asked by you here.

8. Permissions

So that the app Polls is available with all of its functions you need to give the users, who will create and contribute to the polls, the following permissions: