Application Store - Intrexx Share 2.1 - Tasks

Tasks can be created and organized in Intrexx Share with this add-on. The Tasks add-on can be imported into your portal as usual.

When you open the add-on in the browser you'll also find the navigation bar from Intrexx Share that enables you to directly switch to Intrexx Share. You can also switch to the add-on via the navigation bar from within Intrexx Share. In doing so, you'll barely notice that you've left Intrexx Share and are now in the Tasks add-on. Intrexx Share and Intrexx Share add-ons flow seamlessly into one another.

1. Create project

Tasks are distributed and organized within the context of projects. Start by creating project by clicking on the link New project on the left of the app in the Filter area.

The project team is defined here.


Provide the project with a title here.

Participants of Share group

With this setting, the members of an Intrexx Share group can be transferred to the project team. Select the group in the drop-down list beneath this setting.

Create Share group

With this setting, a Share group with the members defined here will be created automatically when you click on Save. The title will be used as the group name.

The project team consists of the following members:

Individual users or groups can be added to the project team here. The users selected here will be added to the users that were added due to the settings made above. Users can be moved from the Not selected list to the Selected list by double-clicking on them. This works in reverse as well. Add the users, who should be in the project team, to the Selected list. Click on OK.

The project is now shown in the filters.

2. Project overview

Projects can be edited and also deleted via the Overview link.

Click on here.

3. Create task

To create a new task click on Create new task.


Provide the task with a title here.


Enter a comment for the task here.


Select the project to which the task should be assigned.

Add project
A new project can be created by clicking on this button.


Select the employee who is responsible for the task.


The task must be completed by the date entered here.


Here, you can define whether the task is open, in process or completed.


Define the tasks priority as low, medium or high.


Any number of files relevant to the task can be uploaded here.

Show/Hide more options

Shows or hides the bottom area of the dialog.

Email to responsible person if task is overdue

If the date, which you entered in the Due, field is exceeded, an email is automatically sent to the employee who is responsible for it.

For the email notification to work correctly, the Email service needs to be configured.

Email to project manager if status is changed to completed

If the status is changed to Completed, an email is automatically sent to the employee who is responsible for the project.

Show the task in Share

The task is shown as a post in the News module. The permissions defined for the app apply here.

Show the task in an Intrexx Share group

The task is shown as a post in the group selected here. The permissions defined for the app apply here. Click on OK, once you've entered your content.

4. Creator of the task

The task will now be shown in the middle area of the Tasks application, provided the filter My delegated tasks is selected in the Filter by categories on the right-hand side. Clicking on the task's title opens a page where the task's data will be shown.

The creator of the task can edit the task's data by clicking on Edit. The progress of the task is shown on the History tab.

Change status

Click on Change status here.

The task is now shown in the In progress column.

Completed tasks will be shown in the Completed column.


The following is required to display the task in Intrexx Share:

5. Perform task

The responsible user will now find the task in their app Tasks that they can open either from the portal menu structure or directly from within Intrexx Share via the navigation bar. The user can change the status and other data for the task by clicking on Change status. In this way, the task's creator is immediately informed about the progress.

6. Permissions

So that the app Polls is available with all of its functions you need to give the users, who will create and contribute to the polls, the following permissions: