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Activation on edit pages
Office Integration in Microsoft Office
Office Integration portlet

Activation on edit pages

If the System requirements are met and the Add-in is installed, then Office Integration can be implemented in absolutely any Intrexx application. It's activated on the Office Integration tab in the properties dialog of the chosen edit page of the application. This edit page will be loaded later when you open a Microsoft Office application via the Intrexx file menu.

Office Integration can only be activated if a File selection element is integrated into the edit page.

Office Integration in Microsoft Office

The functions and menus of the Intrexx Office Integration are the same in the MS Office products Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and will be described in the following for MS Word.

Opening and saving documents

In Microsoft Word you can reach Office Integration from the main menu Intrexx Office Integration.

With the menu item Save as in Intrexx, you can now save a MS Word document of your choice.

If you select the menu item, you will first be asked to log in to the portal. Log in with the desired User, the Domain, and the Password. With the Save login settings setting, the information will be saved for the next login.

All Office integrations that have been activated in the portal will be listed here. Select the desired integration from the list and then click Next.

In this dialog, the Search field allows you to search for existing documents that have been entered into this integration. All existing documents will be listed in the table under the field. The table columns will be constructed in such a way that corresponds to the settings made in the module Applications on the Office Integration tab in the properties dialog of the edit page. In order to create a new data record, please click on Create new data record.

A title of your choice can be entered here. The name of the document will be automatically entered as the same as the name of the current document in Word. Note that the edit page that you use here is the exact edit page that you have created in the Applications module. Click Save after all entries are complete. The file will now be saved to your Intrexx portal as well. If you define a view table on the main page of your application, you can see the list of saved documents and open them in MS Word here as well. Opening in Office will be enabled with the following column settings for the table: the setting Attachment in the area Handling of images in emails should be activated.

MS Word will automatically recognize the reference in this table, and will correctly assign the file if you select the menu item Save in Intrexx from MS Word.

The document can now be opened in MS Word with the menu item Open document from Intrexx Office Integration.

First, select the desired integration here.

All documents that have been entered to this integration will be listed here and can be selected for editing.

The menu item Save in Intrexx is only different to the menu item Save in Intrexx because existing files can be saved in another data record, even from another integration. The original data record will be retained in this case.


Via this MS Office menu, the connection settings, which you have entered during the add-in setup, can be changed.

Enter the Portal URL on the Server tab. Clicking Load default settings will restore the settings that you made during the course of the add-in setup. You can test the connection by clicking on Test server.

If a proxy is in use, please activate the setting Use proxy and then enter the proxy address on the Proxy-Settings Tab. In the Extended Settings you can activate the options Bypass local addresses and Use default credentials. See here for more information:

On the Login tab, the authentication will be defined, in the same way that authentication is set up for the Intrexx portal Users, Menu Users / Configuration). With Reset login information, the login information, which you will use to log in to the Intrexx portal server in MS Office, will be reset.

On the Settings tab, the temporary directory for files from an Intrexx system will be defined. This temporary directory can be cleaned of all old and/or temporary files by clicking Delete now. In the Online update server drop-down list, you can change the webserver type of your portal server

Office Integration Portlet

The Office Integration portlet is already known to you from the installation of the Office add-in.

From this portlet, you can reach all applications in which Office integration has been activated. By clicking on the symbol next to the name of an active integration, these applications can be reached directly. Simply click on the desired link.