New in Intrexx 8



The search in Intrexx 8 has been completely revamped. The aim of the development was to implement a large amount of useful features, customizability, improved scalability and stability. This is achieved by, among others, using Apache Solr as a backend. This guarantees that our software will be future-proof with state of the art features for a long time. The open source search server is included as a setup component in the delivered package.

Portal properties - Security

With the new option Use Secure-Flag for session cookies (only possible with https:// in base URL), secure-flags will be set when cookies are sent to a user. These prevent cookies from being monited from unauthorized persons during transfer.

License Manager

The License Manager has been greatly overhauled. Assigned and unassigned licenses can now be recognized very easily and quickly for each portal. For each license, you can also see how it has been distributed across portals.


Application designer


With the new Grid element, available in the Applications and Design module, a page layout, based on the Foundation Framework, can now be developed that adjusts itself automatically to various display sizes of desktops, tablets and smartphones.

In order to edit each individual column of a grid, a new workspace area called Zoom is now available. This can be used to manage and design complex and intricate layouts.

Titles from constants

Global language constants can be defined in the portal properties. These titles can now be used as titles by some elements.

Open tooltips in a grouping (embedded tooltips)

Tooltips can now be opened in a grouping of the current page. The corresponding settings are defined in the Tooltip positioning dialog in the the Destination options. Tooltips can now be opened in a grouping of the current page. The grouping must use the div HTML element. When a tooltip is shown in a grouping, the tooltip takes up the entire container. Pre-exiting content is therefore overwritten. With the new setting Restore grouping content when closing the tooltip , the original content will be shown again after the tooltip has been closed.

Open at element

Here, you can select an element at which the tooltip should be opened.

File selection - Text alternative

With Edit text alternative, text can be entered that will be shown in devices that cannot display images. Data fields and file information, such as file type, extension, file name, size etc. can be used as the text's source.


Under the new tab Script, an overview of all script calls used on the page is provided. By double-clicking on an entry, the element, to which the script call is assigned, will be highlighted in the workspace.

Export / import texts

Application texts can now be created in the following formats: CSV, XLS or XML.

Gestures for buttons

If an application page or grouping contains buttons, you can now define which gestures on mobile devices will trigger which buttons.

Layout files

The styles for control elements in applications can only be defined for each application. A dialog is available here which is similar to the interface of the Design module. The styles are stored in an individual layout file in the application path and can be used for the corresponding controls in the respective application.

Calendar plugin - Separators

The display of separators can be limited for appointment categories if the connected data field doesn't return a value.

Scroll bar for tables

With the new option Display scrollbar, a horizontal scroll bar will be faded in if the table is too wide for the page.

Tag search in dependencies

If a word cloud is selected as the triggering control in a dependency, this means that when a tag is clicked on it will trigger a search for the containing posts and filter the element concerned (e.g. a table) accordingly.

Position tooltips to the browser window

Tooltips can now be oriented to the browser window. The tooltip can also be fixed in place and therefore doesn't scroll with the page's content.


Intrexx Share actions

With the new Create group and Manage group elements, process-controlled changes can now be made to members and moderators of Intrexx Share groups.


Connector for SAP Business Suite

The Connector for SAP Business Suite is now fully integrated. Setting up the connection can be performed in the Integration center. Licensing the connector is, as usual, managed using the License Manager.