OData in Processes - User Selection

The option Static user activates the link to select an Intrexx user. Clicking this link will open a dialog in which Intrexx users can be selected. It should be noted that a valid user mapping for that user must already be established in the OData configuration (additional users).

With the option User from system value the system value must include a user GUID. A valid user mapping in the OData configuration must also be established. Click on Edit system value, to define the system value in a further dialog.

Using the Change user action, the user can be changed during the running of the process.

If a static user is associated with both the data group and the process, in principle the user in the data group has priority.

A user who publishes a process with a user switch action must possess sufficient permissions to do so. Normally, the user will inherit sufficient rights from belonging to the Administrators user group.