Document action: Settings

Select the Template and define the Output format of the new document.

Three options are available for the output format. The Save document in area allows you to define the file field in which the document is stored.

Click Edit options for the file field to open an Options dialog box in which you can edit the settings for saving files. If the Add record action has been selected on the General tab, the Documents tab shows the Key field assignment area. Assign a source data field as the reference key in the target data by using the arrow key. The entry Automatic Assignment means that Intrexx identified the primary key of the target data group and will automatically generate unique new IDs when new documents are created.

Clicking User-defined value will open a dialog where a user defined value can be defined. Value from query creates a value from the query that you can define in the next dialog. With Edit these values can be edited, Delete will delete the selected values.