Push notification action - Options

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Link destination

Link destination for mobile / desktop view

With these settings, a link destination can be defined that will be opened when a user clicks on a push notification in the mobile app. Depending on the portal layout, which is being used in the mobile device at the time, the corresponding link destination (mobile or desktop) will be opened.

Edit link destination for mobile / desktop view
In each case, opens a dialog where the link destination can be defined.

Advanced settings

Time to live of the notification for delivery

This setting determines how long the notification is preserved, if the mobile device of the recipient is offline. Enter the length of the time to live here. The desired unit (seconds, minutes, hours, days) can be selected from the drop-down list. If this field is left blank, the maximum time to live is 28 days.

Use current transaction for sending notification

This setting means that the notification is sent asynchronously internally. This option is preselected - if an error occurs, a notification will not be sent.

Send notification asynchronously

This option cannot be deselected if the previous setting is active.

Test mode ("Dry run")

With this setting, the query to the notification service can be tested without actually sending the notification.