Recipient - Selection of User Source

Several sources of users, who will receive the text feed, can be setup here. For Static recipients, user groups or organizational units from the User Manager of the Portal, that display a certain dynamic relative to the assigned individual user, can be selected. Thus, for example, users can be added to a group, disabled or deleted. Click on Add recipient to select a user group or organizational unit.

Click on Remove recipient to remove the currently selected entry from the list.

With Recipient from data field, you can select the system fields CreatorID or UserID. The processing of data fields of string or text type is also possible, when User-GUIDs are stored in these fields. Other fields cannot be processed at this location.

The respective stored user is then used as the recipient of the text feeds. If Current user is selected, the current user will be activated as the recipient. If the current user’s superior is selected, then the registered supervisor (in the Portal User Manager) of the current user will receive the feed. With the current user’s deputy, the feed will be received by the deputy of the current user, as registered in the Portal User Manager. Click on Edit system value to define a recipient using a system value.

In the options you can specify whether the user should be determined and stored dynamically when viewed in Intrexx Share, or only once during the process execution.

Click on OK to apply the new settings.