Process - IMAP event source - options

Polling interval

Enter the Polling interval here, which is the time that elapses before new requests are sent to the server. The drop-down list allows you to define the time unit in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, or hours.

Filter for selecting emails

Here you can choose to select Only unseen emails, Only seen emails, or All emails.

If the status of the processed emails is changed in the IMAP event source by a final action in the configuration dialog or with a Groovy script in such a way that the filter condition no longer applies, then the IMAP event will be executed again and again for the first email taken from the results of the request – and this won't happen at the next time of execution, as defined by the polling interval, but immediately.

It's intended that it isn't compulsive to select a final action in the dialog. In that case, a final action should definitely be executed with a Groovy script. It should be ensured that the filter condition for selecting emails no longer applies to the processed emails after the process has been executed.

The condition is a combination of the folder path and the filter (see above). Therefore it is always sufficient to move an email to another folder or to delete it. It's equally sufficient to, for example, label emails as deleted. If unread emails are filtered, then it's sufficient to mark them as read.

Execute final actions on the email server

If this setting is enabled, you can choose to enable the following setting for emails to be Marked as seen. You may also select the Move setting, which moves the emails to a different folder selected in the field underneath. The emails may also be Deleted or Deleted and expunged.

The Move, Delete, and Delete and expunge settings have massive effects on the contents of the selected folder. We only recommend these settings for mailboxes specifically set up for this purpose. United Planet assumes no responsibility for errors that result from choosing the incorrect setting here.

IMAP provider settings

Click Edit IMAP provider settings to open a further dialog box.

If you choose the Run process with administrator rights setting, the process actions are run with the corresponding rights.