Processes - Intrexx Share actions - Create a group - Moderators

Processes module Create a group - Action Properties

The creator is automatically the group's moderator.

Static users

By clicking on Add user object, users can be chosen from the Intrexx user management.

Users from data field

Users can be read dynamically from data fields that contain user GUIDs or IDs here.

Users from a data group request

Members can also come from other applications. Select the Application, Data group and Data field whose values should be used. The same applies for this setting as well, the data field must contain the users' GUIDs and IDs.

Current user / Superior / Deputy

This setting means that the currently logged in user is seen as a member of the group. Equally, the Superior or Deputy of the current user can be used.

System value

By clicking on Edit system value, a system value can be defined from which the members originate. The system value must therefore provide the corresponding user GUIDs and IDs.