Generic Event Handler - Configuration

If you want to make available runtime classes available in the generic event handler, you must enter the following to the file in the directory <intrexx>\org\<portal>\internal\cfg\workflow. Enter the class exactly as follows:

Classname=Event type
The part above highlighted in red is used for the English description text. An German description text must be entered accordingly as:
In older versions of Intrexx, description texts could not be entered in multiple languages. Entries must be written as follows:


action, condition, and eventHandler are possible here as event types. A class that creates events must be entered with the event type eventHandler, if it is to be included in the generic event handler. The description that you can enter in the second line will appear later in the configuration dialog as a quicktip for the class. Here is an example:
de.uplanet.lucy.server.workflow.eventhandler.UWEventHandler.description=This handler can be triggered by a user event.
Click Add if you want to have a class selected in the drop-down list. By clicking on Create GUID, a unique ID will be created that may be entered to the Value field or copied to the clipboard. Click OK to apply the new value.

The setting Enable login process event which can be set via the menu Portal / Portal properties / Options is required for the class


Further information on this topic can be found here: