LDAP Connection

In this way, you can import your organizational structure and users from a LDAP directory (such as Microsoft Active Directory).

Enter the source server of the LDAP directory in the Server field (such as the domain controller).

In the Authentication drop-down list, select the type of authentication used by your LDAP server.

The plain setting is usually the correct selection. Enter a User, via whose account the users and organizational units will be imported (such as john.smith@Domain.com or cn=John Smith,ou=IT,dc=YOUR_DOMAIN, dc=US).

Enter the Password of the user.

The Base-DN (Distinguished Name) is the name of the subtree from which the users and user groups will be imported.

Clicking Search allows the Base-DN to be selected from a list. Next, select the appropriate Profile. Click Create new replication profile to create a new profile. Click Edit replication profile to open the editor in which the profile can be defined. Delete replication profile to delete a profile.