Program Path for external Editor

Enter the program path for the external editor you wish to use here. If a file (such as the JavaScript file for the application) is opened in an external editor, the script button cannot be used as long as the external editor is running.

The external editor writes first to a temporary file, which will be applied to the application only after the editor is closed.

Please do not change the temporary file name. Use the "Save" function in the external editor.

Here are some examples for the setup of an external editor:


Program path\notepad++.exe -multiInst ${file}


Program path\editplus.exe ${file}


/usr/bin/gedit --new-window ${file}

Entering the parameter ${file} is usually not required; however, it can be entered if the external editor expects or supports additional parameters after the file name.

In addition to the possibility of entering editor program paths as defaults in the options, external editors can also be set up at the moment in which they are required, such as in a particular location in a process, or for entering JavaScript in the Applications module.