Email server

Enter the name or the IP address of the SMTP Server and the SMTP port (default: 25). If you are unsure of what to enter, please contact your system administrator. The mail server used must not necessarily exist on the local network of the Intrexx Portal Server.

The entries under the options for Authentication correspond to the settings required by your mail server. For the connection security, the options None, STARTTLS and SSL/TLS are available.

In the Authentication method area you can specify the type of password checking that will be used. The PLAIN setting transfers the password unencrypted as plain text. With LOGIN, the password is taken unencrypted from the user input in the terminal. With CRAM-MD5, the password is encrypted with the CRAM-MD5 algorithm; with NTLM the authentication is performed using NTLM. Below the settings, the user name and password should be entered.