Portal access permissions

Administrate portal

This permission allows the portal properties to be configured.

Edit portal settings in browser

Permissions holders are allowed to administrate the portal pages.

Access to module

Permissions holders have access to the corresponding module in the Portal Manager.


Permissions holders are allowed to compose and send messages with the Messenger to users who have logged on to the portal.

Publish Velocity and Groovy scripts

Users with this permission may publish Velocity and Groovy scripts on the server.

Access to Integration module

Users with this permission are allowed to configure the Integration module:

Access to tools

Users with this permission are allowed to configure the Tools module: Current permissions holders will be shown in the upper area of the dialog. In the Name column, the full name of the permissions holder will be given. In the Path column, position of the permissions holder in the object hierarchy of the User Manager will be shown.

Clicking Add will open a dialog that allows a permissions holder to be selected.

With Remove, the selected permissions holder can be removed from the list. This does not mean that all permissions will automatically be taken away from this permissions holder. The user may still possess access permissions in this area via membership in an organizational unit or user group.

If you select a permissions holder, the holder's individual access permissions will be shown in the lower area of the dialog. A permission can be issued by clicking its corresponding checkbox.