Subsequent Jobs

Additional existing tasks can be executed after the current data transfer has been run here. With Add Task, you will reach a dialog in which existing tasks can be selected.

An existing subsequent task can be removed from the list by selecting Delete task.

When a job has been completed normally, a process event that you defined in the Process module can be run in addition. Just enter the GUID of the process here.

With the setting Start subsequent jobs when even if an error occurred in the current job all tasks that are listed will be executed, even if one task was interrupted because of an error.

When the option Advanced is selected in the upper area of the dialog the subsequent jobs can be organized in groups.

With Add group, the task window will be divided and an additional group will be added. Tasks can be added to the group. The following applies: tasks in the same group will be executed all at the same time, and the individual groups will be run after one another. With Remove group, the second group will be deleted.