Relationships options


In Title, enter the title of the starting point. By clicking on Multiple languages, this title can be entered in the various portal languages.

Displayed values

In Displayed values, the fields will be defined that will be used for displaying the data. For the starting point, these fields will be displayed as a link in the title bar. This can be used to load any view or edit page in the data group with the detailed data.

Displayed values will also be specified in the options of additional relationships, that are not defined as the starting point, in the Relationships module or in the Relationships view element. Here, these display values will not be used as a link but rather as a description of the individual data records. Additional information about this topic can be found here.

Additional settings


The image, which you select by clicking on Select image, will be displayed in the end device next to the data set, if the current relationship doesn't concern the starting point.


Click on Sorting to determine the order of the data sets.

Maximum number of results

In Maximum number of results, you can restrict the number of data records to be displayed.