Links will be used when a reference to an already existing relationship is required in the relationship diagram, such as in order to represent external customer service partners. The data for the customer, as well as of the external partner, will therefore both lead to the Customers data group in the customer relationship management application.

The assignment of customers to a partner will take place in the portal through the assignment of a Lead.

Here, the company Schmidt & Meier GbR is the external partner; the company Meier Packaging the customer. In the application, a reference to the Customers data group will be used as a reference in the Customers data group. The customer number of a lead will thus be saved as Lead ID in the record for the customer, whom the external partner represents.

If the link is created in the relationship diagram, then in the first step you select the relationship element to which it should refer. Elements in the diagram that cannot be selected will be designated with the symbol.

No additional relationships can be attached to links; instead, the element has the same subordinate relationships as the element to which it refers. The filters and options of both elements, however, can be configured differently. A link is therefore always useful if one wants to reuse parts of a diagram.

In the lower area you can select a different relationship diagram, to the starting point of which a link can be created. Only the published versions, of all of the relationship diagrams in the portal, are available here.